Roads without names... 


Welcome to read about my journey along the roads with no names...

Las Vegas 2005-2006


Claire and the Marathon - December 5th


It is cold here in Las Vegas this morning, about 33 degrees, yet I know it

will be warmer as the day progresses. My mind brings me the vision of my

school house in Jablonka, silently draped in the first snowfall of the

season. I want to be there to see the splendor, to smell the cold, to be

throwing another log on the fire, to share the thrill of the quiet with

sweet Saturday. I miss my little girl but know she is safe with Zuzana.


My annual visits to my doctor for my health check-ups is in progress. So far

so good. The usual test are on order and will come in the weeks ahead.

Barnabus, his mother Friday, her grandmother Wednesday and her sister

Harrigan have had their first baths and are waiting to be clipped from Sheep

Dogs into Cocker Spaniels. They remember me with kisses even though it has

been seven months since I left.


Today was the first Annual marathon here in Vegas and the 26 miler ran right

down my street while I stood in my usual stationary stance. Running has

never been my thing, but observing the occasion seemed like a good thing to

do.When the powers that be planned this Marathon, they thought they were

picking a date when all would be otherwise quiet in Vegas. Not so as it

happened. The Annual Rodeo opened yesterday with tons of horse people in

town. Then they began filming "Rocky VI" (yes Rocky fans, there is a 6th

coming to your local theater in the future) with over 2,500 extras from

around the world. This is all on top of the usual shows and excitement this

city offers.Needless to say the traffic is horrific and the street closings

for the Marathon added to the foray.


Now, you asked why would I want to watch a Marathon? Well, this is Vegas and

I was not let down. The first oddity was a male runner in a G-String baring

his chest (among other things) with his number pinned to the rear of his

garment. Then spattered here and there came couples decked out in bow ties

and bridal veils. I understand close to the finish line was a wedding chapel

where a mass ceremony took place for these avid runners. And, in case you

forgot, Elvis is alive and well in Vegas and was found running along side

the throngs, with the Elvi appeared many times over. Of course we had a few

Hawaiian dancers replete with grass hula skirts and many Santa's. Most

inspiring, however,  were the people on crutches and in wheelchairs who

showed how perseverance in the face of life's cruelty will not stop them

from enjoying the day they still have. The crowning glory at the end of the

finish line are those bedecked showgirls waiting to have their picture taken

with each of the participants. So, if you have nothing to do next year and

want to experience the Vegas mania in all its glory, there will be another

Marathon next year I can promise you.


Of course I didn't stay for the whole 8 hour run, as it was interrupted by

the arrival of a fire truck, 2 ambulances, and 4 police cars into my own

mobile park. As I followed them, I found they were parked in front of my

house. I sprinted forward and with relief discovered they were crowding into

the house next door and Ray (who I stay with) was standing there talking to

the police. It was about our neighbor, Claire. Barnabus had been barking at

Claire's partially open door. Because she lives alone, she usually keeps it

closed and locked, so the dear boy will bark if he sees it  open. When she

didn't appear after Ray brought the dogs inside, he went over to investigate

and found her lying on her back and cold. This small, frail woman in her

late 80's was no longer with us. As they carried her outside I knew in my

heart she was in a better place. Her husband had died in December of 2003

and she could not ever speak without crying about her loss and hated

Christmas time, and would remind me when ever i saw her. The last time I had

done her hair, she gave me a figurine of a red Cocker he had given her. It

was an odd present as she was afraid of dogs. But it was a dog (Barnabus)

who knew her pattern, who in the end found her. I know she is with her

husband at last and not alone anymore. Hugs to all and stay safe,........