Roads without names... 


February of 2004 I set out to satisfy a childhood dream of living in a foreign country and writing that book they all say we have inside of us. This was an easier decision for me than it was the actuality of doing it. Armed with a lack of knowledge of the language, the body of a 70 year old, and no close friends or family outside the US, I purchased a reconstructed school house in Jablonka, Slovakia. I sold my house in Las Vegas, moved my furniture and began the adventure while I still could.

From time to time I am sharing my ultimate adventure with my friends in these "Letters From Jablonka". I hope you will find them of interest as we travel along together down these roads without names....gyn gerhardt

Jablonka 2005

Las Vegas 2005 / 2006

Jablonka 2006

Jablonka 2007

Jablonka 2008

Jablonka 2009

Jablonka 2010